At CCG Lab, we are constantly developing new opportunities for fans to become more engaged with their favorite IPs, and take greater personal ownership in them. The customization and engagement ecosystems involved in collectible card games are unique, given players ability to individually design and build their own decks based on their personal tastes. At CCG Lab, we take the new learnings we make from each game, and build them into our core tech, so every game we make benefits.


Game Engine

The information and data we get from each game is filtered into our proprietary collectible card game engine so all our future releases benefit from what came before. [100-200 words on our game engine]

NFT-based CCGs

By developing NFT-based collectible card games, we’re seeking more ways to give our gaming communities more ownership opportunities in their gaming experiences. [100-200 words on what we’re trying to do with NFT-based CCGs]