About US

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Our Mission

We love giving fans exciting, new reasons to stay engaged with their favorite brands through CCG play: Regularly delivering new card mechanics for players to explore, and developing community platforms where players discuss the latest play strategies.

Each great CCG is deeply rooted to its community. We may design the mechanics and the sets, but the community discovers the great card combinations that define the metagame. Throughout a game’s life, the community becomes its storytellers with every match they play. Our job is to provide them with the proper tools and ecosystems to let their stories grow.

We love supporting fans by giving them:

• Something new for their decks and collections, every month.

• Playable content and events they can enjoy every week, in PvE and PvP.

• A community ecosystem where they can debate and discuss the latest strategies every day.

Our leadership team

has more than 70 years’ experience bringing some of the greatest collectible card games in the world to market, creating evergreen products and play programs that fans love for decades.