Release Engineer

We are looking for an experienced release engineer to create, configure and monitor the various components of our build pipelines, including source control, continuous integration and deployment, automated defect tracking, content publishing and patching. Our ideal candidate will be very familiar with Jenkins, Perforce, and Unity’s build and content management systems, and have in depth knowledge of the release flow from source control all the way to final deployment. They will be able to script and automate release processes, monitor all stages for errors and surface those appropriately, and manage deployment to several internal and external environments. Our release engineer will also need to coordinate effectively between different teams, to ensure the seamless creation and deployment of regular, stable builds for our players.


Responsibilities Include:

  • Managing Perforce integrations, merges, branching and versioning.
  • Leveraging Jenkins to deliver automated CI/CD builds for development and surface errors.
  • Creating and deploying releases to QA, Staging and Production environments.
  • Scripting and automating additional build processes as required.
  • Working closely with the Development, QA, Production and NetOps teams to ensure the delivery of stable builds from start to finish.

Job Requirements

  • Substantial (2+ years) experience creating and maintaining build pipelines and automation.
  • Jenkins experience required.
  • Perforce experience required.
  • Good communication skills.

Beneficial Experience

  • Experience with the Unity scriptable build pipeline.
  • Experience building Unity addressable content catalogs.
  • Familiar with building and publishing .NET 7 and .NET Standard projects on Windows and Linux.
  • Experience with Plastic SCM.
  • Experience with MongoDB.

Please submit a resume as a pdf file that contains no links to external websites or documents. (no MSWord doc or docx files) to  INFO@CCGLAB.COM