C# Backend Server Engineer

We are looking for a talented and experienced C# Backend Server Engineer who can execute and manage a workload that spans features related to back-end database, web services, server development and cross-server communication. Our ideal candidate needs to be familiar with various technologies and online server architectures.

Responsibilities Include:
  • Developing and maintaining the various C# server components in our environment. These include projects that interact with the database, the game server, web servers and purchasing.
  • Making changes to our MongoDB database as required to implement new features.
  • Implementing new API endpoints in our web servers as required.
  • Maintaining a customer service web tool suite in Blazor WebAssembly.
  • Managing an abstraction layer between the game server and database.
  • Managing cross-server communication with RabbitMQ.
  • Working closely with game server and client engineers to implement the required functionality.
  • Investigating new techniques, implementing them, and training the team.
Job Requirements:
  • Extensive (5+ years) C# development experience required. .NET 5+ or .NET Core multi-platform experience a plus.
  • MongoDB experience.
  • Experience with Blazor or a related framework.
  • Good communication skills.
Beneficial Experience:
  • RabbitMQ.
  • ASP.NET Web Services.
  • Prior experience with services for multiplayer games.
  • Performance and scalability.
  • Networking.
  • Security.
  • Deployment and Live Ops.
  • Perforce.
Job Type:
  • Full-time Salary
  • Full benefits package
  • Remote / Work from home

Please submit a resume as a pdf file that contains no links to external websites or documents. (no MSWord doc or docx files) to  INFO@CCGLAB.COM